Zodiac V1 Robotic Pool Cleaner


Zodiac V1 boasts advanced technology, ultra-compact design and energy efficiency making it the pool cleaner of choice of every member of the family.

The Zodiac V1 features:

Vortex Vacuum Technology
  • Provide quick and efficient consumption of larger debris whilst maintaining maximum suction throughout the cleaning cycle.
Energy Efficient
  • The Zodiac V1 operates off only 70 Watts /hour (equivalent to a household light bulb) which on average is 50% less than any other robotic pool cleaner. It's good for the environment and easy on your wallet!
Quick Release Filter Canister
  • It's easy to use and allows you to clean and remove debris in a matter of minutes.
Compact Design
  • It enables the Zodiac V1 to reach the more difficult zones of your pool. Weighing only 6kg, the V1 is easy to handle and store when not in use!

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