Why is my pool water cloudy?

There are several possible causes of poor water clarity (cloudy water).  Some common reasons are as follows:

Poor circulation or filtration:

- Make sure you regularly backwash and rinse your filter
- Check and clear the pump and skimmer baskets regularly
- Ensure the flow from the filter is adequate
- Run your filter for 2 to 4 hours (winter) and 6 to 8 hours (summer)
- Ensure your filter media (e.g. sand) is replaced approximately every 5 years

Improper water balance:

Test the sanitiser, pH, alkalinity and calcium water hardness levels and adjust as required.

Algae or excess organic waste:

If this is the case you need to super chlorinate your pool (i.e. shock it) by adding 200gm’s of granular chlorine per 10,000 litres of water or 1 litre of sodium hypochlorite per 10,000 litres of water. 

Water clarifiers can also be useful in helping to clear cloudy water.  We have several different options available in-store to suit any situation.

The best way to work out the cause of cloudy water is to bring in an uncontaminated water sample for testing.

In-store water tests are FREE with chemical purchases.

Why is my pool green?

If left untreated or unchanged pool water can become contaminated by high TDS (total dissolved solids) which are caused by body discharges and/or other organic matter (dirt and debris blowing into the pool) which allows bacteria and viruses to grow.  These organisms, also known as algae can grow rapidly and cause serious health issues.

The most effective way to kill algae is to super chlorinate the pool (shock it).  Then brush the pool surfaces (so that the algae become water borne and the chlorine can kill it) and run the filter continuously.  This will help to clear it up quickly.  For chlorine to be effective ensure that your pH is within the ideal range.

For severe algae growth, including black algae, specialised treatments are required. Discuss your circumstances with one of our experienced pool technicians.





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