The team here at The Pool Shop love to hear that we are doing a great job and that we're keeping our customers happy.  We thought you might like to know too so we've decided to share with you a few of the many reasons why our valued customers love to shop at The Pool Shop and use our quality qualified pool services!

Gulie Dowrick

Thank you for looking after our pool and making it a pleasure rather than a chore all these years.  We have given your name to the new owners hoping that they will continue with your excellent service.

All the best.

Trevor Arthur - Seacrest Resort

Hi folks, I manage Seacrest Resort at Papamoa and would recommend the Pool Shop for their service and water quality.  I’ve owned several motels over the years, with pools, and it became a nightmare trying to get the chemicals right and people complaining. Since being here at Seacrest the last 7 years I just leave it all to the Pool Shop and get nothing but compliments (I take all the praise of course). They give a full service, recently the pool cover needed replacing, I just rang Murray and he organised the whole thing, measuring up (difficult shape) sourcing the best price and more importantly the correct material, all at a good price.

Colin Henderson - Twelve Acre Wood

On behalf of the Twelve Acre Wood Resident’s Society, I am writing to you to thank you and your company for the excellent service we have received over the past year. 

 It was a warm summer and our pools had considerable use by our resident families and their friends. David Strange, our caretaker, was very grateful for the good advice, informative test results and that we were able to purchase pool chemicals through you at reasonable prices. Obviously, our solar heating system adds another factor which can affect water quality. The pools maintained excellent water quality throughout the period from October until April when they were open. They are now in good condition in the winterised period.  

 We look forward to further services for the coming season.


Chris Stanbridge, Michelle and Joy Nowley

We as The Stanbridge Family Trust have had wonderful service from The Pool Shop looking after and keeping our 100,000 litre swimming pool in tip top condition, the machinery to run it and our spa pool also.

Nothing is ever too much trouble and the reception one gets from all the staff, at the counter and out in the field, makes one know this is the company we wish to continue our business with.

Andrew Nimick

I had intended to email you to say what great service I have had from yourselves and BMH.  I believe the sign of good customer service is how the vendor deals with the things that go wrong.  In this case both companies were brilliant, and you can quote me on that.  Should you speak to the CEO at BMH please tell him how impressed I was with Stuart and his service.

Debbie Ireland

Awesome service, happy with the new lid :)





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