Lochlor Starver M


This highly concentrated formulation from Lo-Chlor Chemicals is a uniquely formulated phosphate remover which removes up to 2 parts per million with one dose and maintains low levels of phosphates with minimal fuss.

Features & Benefits

- Simple, easy application directly through the skimmer
- No sediment so no need to shake before use
- A single dose of 250mls will remove up to 2 ppm (parts per million) of phosphates from swimming pool water
- Natural composition of unique polymers and rare earth compounds.
- Built in clarifier gives superior look to water quality
- Does NOT cloud pool water like other phosphate removers
- Increases efficiency of all sanitisers
- Increases the efficiency of salt water chlorinators
- No need to vacuum (does not settle out in pool)
- No effect on filter pressure

(1L bottle)

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